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The Championship consists of a qualifying stage, semifinals, a final and a playoff for third place. The winners of the final will be the new World Junior Champions: they will receive the Ortiz-Patiño Trophy and silver replicas for each player and the non-playing captain. Those failing to qualify will be able to participate in a Swiss Pairs contest to be arranged exclusively for young people.

This is the sixth event of the series that was inaugurated in 1987 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. As a biennial competition, it was held in 1989 in Nottingham, Great Britain; in 1991 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA; in 1993 in Århus, Denmark; and in 1995 in Bali, Indonesia. The host country won the Championship on the first three occasions, but this tradition was broken in 1993 by Germany. The reigning World Junior Champions are Great Britain; the first country to win the title twice.

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Monday 4 August
Tuesday 5 August Qual1, Qual2, Qual3, Qual4
Wednesday 6 August Qual5, Qual6, Qual7
Thursday 7 August Qual8
Friday 8 August Qual9, Qual10, Qual11, Qual12
Saturday 9 August Qual13, Qual14, Qual15
Sunday 10 August Qual16, Final Round Robin Rankings
Monday 11 August Sfin1, Sfin2, Sfin3, Sfin4
Tuesday 12 August Playoff, Fin1, Fin2, Fin3, Fin4
Wednesday 13 August Fin5, Fin6

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