A Battle of Titans

The Insurer

Celebrating the 75th anniversary
of the birth of Duplicate Contract Bridge
created by Harold S. Vanderbilt
on 1 November 1925

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The victorious Indonesian team:
E.Manoppo, H.Lasut, D.Sacul
, F.Karwur
European women winners:
P.Nehmert, A.Rauscheid, A.Helleman, A.Malinowski, J.Pasman, A.Simons, V.Bessis, C.d'Ovidio

INDONESIA surprised the world audience winning the 3rd IOC Grand Prix and capturing the GENERALI Trophy.

After finishing second in the qualifying stage, they beat the powerful USA squad in the semifinals and prevailed over the Olympiad gold medal holders ITALY on the penultimate board of the final.

The programme of the IOC Grand Prix also included a women's contest which was won by a mutli-national EUROPEAN team after a fierce battle - but with a small margin - against a NORTH AMERICAN team.

The 3rd Grand Prix was organized by the World Bridge Federation under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee. It took place in the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, from October 30 to November 3, 2000.

Six countries participated in the Open Series: China, France, Indonesia, Italy, Poland and USA. They played a round robin from which the four semifinalists emerged. The tournament ended with the final and playoff for third place.

There was also a women's contest, involving a representative teams from Europe and North America.

Daily Bulletins - Results

Open Series Women's Series
Monday 30 October Round 1
Tuesday 31 October Round 2
Round 3
Wednesday 1 November Round 4
Round 5
Cross Table
Thursday 2 November


Round 1
Round 2
Friday 3 November Final
Round 3
Round 4

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