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The 1997 World Bridge Zonal Championships has been concluded: the Bermuda Bowl (Open Series) was won by France and Venice Cup by USA1.

Bermuda Bowl Winners

Bermuda Bowl champions: France: Mouiel, Perron, Mari, Moulton, Chemla, Levy
Venice Cup Winners

Venice Cup champions: USA1: Berkowitz, Montin, Sokolow, Meyers, Letizia, Breed

This was France's second success in Bermuda Bowl- their first victory came 41 years ago in 1956. They defeated the United States on that occasion also. France clearly was a team of destiny. This year for the first time five European teams were qualified at the Europeans to play in the Bermuda Bowl - the first time that the European allowance had been raised to five. And France finished fifth!

Now they're world champions. The new champions are Paul Chemla, Christian Mari, Hervé Mouiel, Alain Lévy, Michel Perron and Frank Multon, with npc Jean-Louis Stoppa. That makes two consecutive world titles for France - they defeated Indonesia in the Olympiad final last year.

The United States women regained the Venice Cup championship last night, defeating a powerful China team, 249-184. The match was close most of the way, but the American came on very strong over the second half. The champions are Marinesa Letizia, Tobi Sokolow, Mildred Breed, Lisa Berkowitz, Randi Montin and Jill Meyers with Sue Picus as non-playing captain.

The 1st Transnational Teams Championship was won by the team captained by Leandro Burgay of Italy started fast and just kept going - after 32 boards of the 48-deal final they led 132-40. That seemed like too much for Krzysztof Jassem of Poland, and that team conceded without playing the last 32 boards. On the winning team were Burgay, Dano de Falco of Italy, Franco Mariani of Italy and Martens Lesniewski of Poland.

Days and Rounds
Daily Bulletins Bermuda Bowl Venice Cup
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Sunday 19 October PDF File 222 K

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Saturday 25 October PDF File 231 K BB16, BB17 VC16, VC17
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Thursday 30 October PDF File 151 K Playoff, F1, F2, F3, F4 Playoff, F1, F2, F3, F4
Friday 31 October PDF File 196 K F5, F6, F7, F8 F5, F6, F7, F8
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