Rhodes, Greece / 19 October - 2 November 1996

Tuesday 22 October 1996

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News of the day

Italy, France take big leads;
Israel, Sweden top Women's

Italy pulled almost a full match ahead after 12 rounds in Group B of the Open Olympiad. Israel was 22.5 Victory Points behind in second place, with Iceland and Chinese Taipei almost another half a match behind. Italy has won 11 of its 12 matches; Israel has won them all. In Group A, defending champion France took a 15-VP lead against Poland. France, like Italy, has only one 14-16 loss on its otherwise all-win record. Israel is doing well in both Olympiads. In the Women's they are atop Group B after winning all eight matches to date. They hold a 6-VP margin over second-place United States. Sweden is back in first place in Group A, 8 VPs in front of runnerup South Africa. Sweden suffered a punishing defeat in Match 5, but they have won all the rest.

Hand of the day

Turkey vs. Belgium, Women's, Round 3

The Turkish women had this exceptional board against Belgium.

Board 4. Game All. Dealer West.

A 9 3
A Q J 9 7 2
Q 9
10 9
K Q J 7 6 4 2 8
4 K 8 3
A J 7 K 10 5 4 3
Q 5 K 6 3 2

10 5
10 6 5
8 6 2
A J 8 7 4

At both tables the opening lead against 4 by West was the 10. The Belgian declarer won this with the queen when Ahu Zobu, South, ducked. Declarer led a heart to Belis Atalay's ace, and she continued with the 9. Zobu overtook with the jack and led a third club. Curtains for declarer! If she ruffed high, this would set up a second trump trick for North. If she ruffed low, North would get her ruff immediately. Down one.

Vera Adut got the same opening lead, winning with the queen. But she saw what was likely to happen if she went after spades, so she tried a different, most successful line. She led the K, taken by North, and North also continued with a second club. South overtook and led a third club. But Adut didn't ruff – she sluffed her heart! North was able to ruff, of course, but Belgium now had only three tricks – two trumps and a club. 11 well-earned IMPs for Turkey.



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