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 • New York

New York (pop. 8m) is the largest city in the United States, the home of the United Nations, and the center of global finance, communications, and business. It is an unusual city because of its high residential density, its extraordinarily diverse population, its hundreds of tall office and apartment buildings, its thriving central business district, its extensive public transportation system, and its more than 400 distinct neighborhoods. The city’s concert houses, museums, galleries, and theaters constitute an ensemble of cultural richness rivaled by few cities.

Located in the southeastern part of New York State, the city has a temporate climate and one of the world’s largest and finest harbors. New York is about the same latitude as Naples, Italy. Although the Dutch founded the city in 1624 and called it Fort Amsterdam and then New Amsterdam, the English captured the settlement in 1664 and renamed it New York, after the Duke of York.

New York is made up of five separate counties, which are called boroughs. Originally including only the borough of Manhattan, in 1898 a number of surrounding communities were incorporated into the city as the boroughs of Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Staten Island.

 • Venue


The Championship will be held at the Hilton New York Hotel, in conjunction with the 2004 Summer North American Bridge Championships.

The Hilton New York is a good hotel situated in midtown Manhattan. Despite the special rates available to bridge players during the period of the championship, the cost is well above what is usually offered at Junior events. Lower rates are available in nearby hotels (www.megahousing.com/acbl/new_york2004/ny_index.htm).

 • Venue

For those looking for the cheaper accommodation usually provided at Junior events, the organizers have negotiated special rates in simple hotels/youth hostels at a walking distance from the venue. The cost per person per day is $70, including meals. However, players should be prepared to share rooms and facilities with other Juniors.

The local organizers have undertaken to deal with room accommodation requirements. Therefore, reservations should be made through the American Contract Bridge League (c/o Charlotte Blaiss) no later than May 15, 2004.

 • Contact Addresses


  1335 Avenue of the Americas,
New York, NY 10019, USA

1-212-5867000 1-212-3151374

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