6th World Junior Bridge Camp 1st World Schools Team Championship

Polish Junior wins World Individual


Michal NOWOSADZKI of Poland, winner of the 1st World Junior Individual Championship receiving the spectacular Trophy, symbol of supremacy in Junior bridge.

  Feiler   Wortel
The Netherlands

Michal NOWOSADZKI, a 21-year old from Poland, became the first World Champion in the Junior Individual. He was followed by Australia's Gabi FEILER, 21, and Meike WORTEL, 22, from the Netherlands.

This was the result of a 4-session competition that took place in New York, with 116 Juniors participating. They represented 23 member countries of the WBF and came from four of its geographical zones.

The new event was played with the barometer system, whereby participants were aware of their scores as the tournament progressed.

esides the World Youth Team Championship for the Ortiz-Patiño Trophy which is the top competition for young talented players representing their geographical zones, the WBF runs the World Junior Pairs Championship. This is a competition open to all young players, without restrictive quotas. It is held every two years in Europe, followed by a World Junior Camp. The objective of these events is to embrace each and every young player, providing the opportunity both for world level competition and for creating new friendships across national and cultural barriers. The nature of bridge is such that these friendships could well - and often do - last a lifetime!

To balance and enhance the programme, the WBF has launched a new competition with much in common with the Junior Pairs. The World Junior Individual Championship is open to all young players without restrictions. It is to be held every two years in North America, followed by a Junior Camp. The objectives of bridging the gaps between young people from all over the globe will, from now on, be well served every year.

The WBF Youth Committee wishes to thank the American Contract Bridge League, our hosts, for their great contribution to this inaugural effort, and glad that this became a great success.

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