Squeeze time in the Zonal Pairs

Guy Beresiner of London, England, played a classic double squeeze during the second session of the Elf Zonal Pairs. This was the deal:

Board 18. Dealer East. NS Game
ª A K 6
© Q 10 9
¨ 8 7 6
§ A K 7 4
ª J 10 7 5 ª Q 4 3 2
© 2 © K J 6 5 4 3
¨ J 10 5 3 ¨ A
§ 10 9 8 2 § J 5
ª 9 8
© A 8 7
¨ K Q 9 4 2
§ Q 6 3

West North East South
Beresiner Essex

1© Pass
Pass Dble 2© Pass
Pass 2NT Pass 3NT
All Pass

Beresiner bid very aggressively, competing with 2NT when 2© came back to him, giving Gavin Essex a very easy raise to game.

The opening lead was a low heart to the nine. Beresiner led a diamond towards dummy and the ace went up. Back came the §J, which declarer won in hand. Beresiner played a second diamond and ducked it when East showed out. West won and switched to the ªJ. Again Beresiner won in hand. Now he led a heart, covered, to the ace, and cashed two top clubs. Three rounds of diamonds followed. On the last diamond, West had to pitch a spade to keep his club guard. Away went declarer's last club and now it was East's turn to be squeezed, this time in the majors. The six of spades made the last trick; +660 and an excellent score for North/South.

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