15th World Bridge Games

Wroclaw, Poland • 3 - 17 September 2016


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Sunday, September 4 Welcome to Wroclaw
Monday, September 5 Opening Ceremony
At my Signal
Relay Race Klukowski - Bessis
Tuesday, September 6 Relay Race Bessis - Versace
Wednesday, September 7 A Few Words with Nadia Bekkouche
The Dating Game Manno - Di Franco
Catching Up With Mark - In The Heart Of The RR
Thursday, September 8 Relay Race Versace - D'Ovidio
The Importance Of Being
Plan, Count, Plan By Nevena Senior
Friday, September 9 Relay Race D'Ovidio - Hanlon
Catching Up With Mark Six Hours To Rama
Plan, Count, Plan By John Carruthers
Saturday, September 10 Morning Post With Mark Horton
The Dating Game Zia - Meckstroth
Sunday, September 11 A Few Words With Jean-Paul Meyer
The Games are Made
Plan, Count, Plan by Anas Mestiri
Monday, September 12 Relay Race Hanlon - Bilde
Morning Post By Mark Horton - Fall of Eagles
The Dating Game Eidi - Vroustis
Tuesday, September 13 Round Of 16 - Great (Un)Expectations
Plan, Count, Plan By Janice Seamon-Molson
The Dating Game Helgemo - Helness
Ton Kooijman - About The Laws Committee
The Dating Game Riccardi - Bavin
Wednesday, September 14 Morning Post With Mark Horton - Place Your Bets
The Dating Game Willard - Cronier
Tête-à-Tête Andrew Robson - Bas Drjiver
The Dating Game Kalita - Nowosadzki
Thursday, September 15 Road To The Semifinals
The Dating Game Auken - Welland
The Dating Game Carruthers - Silver
Friday, September 16 Plan, Count, Plan By Yiting Li
Relay Race Bilde - Birman
Morning Post With Mark Horton - The Climax Of The Medal Race
World National Pairs - The Semifinals
Relay Race Birman - Drijver
Giorgio Duboin - High Level Players Commission
Saturday, September 17 The Dating Game Bilde - Bilde
The Dating Game Drijver - Nab
Sunday, September 18 The Semifinals - Surviving A Heart Attack
Relay Race Drijver - Multon
Plan, Count, Plan By Sue Picus
The Finals - Last Act
Plan, Count, Plan By David Bakhshi
Relay Race Multon - Duboin
Pairs Prize-Giving



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