VIDEOS Results Bulletins

Date Video
Friday, 26 February

Press Conference

Opening Ceremony

Jet Lag

Saturday, 27 February

Lot of Swings

My Way

Leading Question #1

Sunday, 28 February

Big Trouble in Chinatown

Qualification Time

Good Life

Monday, 29 February

Team Finals

Ladies Team Prize Giving

Open Team Prize Giving

Tuesday, 1 March

My Generation: Anne Laure Huberschwiller

My Generation: Doris van Delft

Wednesday, 2 March

The Pairs Tournament

My Generation: Michal Klukowski

Pairs Prize Giving

Thursday, 3 March

Blind Date

My Generation: Laura Dekkers

My Generation: Jennifer Mourgues

Master Play Problem

Interview with Jose' Damiani - IMSA Founder President

Interview with Chen Zelan - IMSA Vice-President

Final Individual Tournament

Master Play Problem #2