42nd World Bridge Teams Championships

Chennai, India • 26 September - 10 October 2015


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 • Format

The Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup and d'Orsi Trophy will be played as a single complete round-robin with all teams playing each other.  At the end of the round-robin the first best ranked teams will be admitted to the knock-out stages.  Quarter-final, Semifinal and Final KO matches will be played. 

The 10th World Transnational Open Teams will take place during the second week, starting at 10.00 in the morning on Sunday 4th October.  The format will be Swiss Teams.  It is normally played as 10-board matches (5 per day) for 15 qualifying rounds (150 boards).  

The Quarter Final will be played on Wednesday 7th October, the Semi Final on Thursday 8th October, the Final on Friday 9th and Saturday10th October.  If 120 teams or more enter the Championship, the KO stage (phase) will commence with a round of 16.

Players eliminated from the Round Robin of the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup & d’Orsi Trophy will be able to enter the World Transnational Open Teams Championship free of charge provided they enter as a complete team.  Players eliminated from the Quarter-final can drop in the WTOTC free of charge provided they enter as a complete team.

 • Programme

This is the provisional programme.

Date Time  
Saturday 26th September 10.00 Teams Registration
Saturday 26th September 17.00 Captains' Meeting
Saturday 26th September 20.00 Opening Ceremony
Sunday 27th September 11.00 Round Robin 1st Match
Saturday 3rd October 17.10 Round Robin Last Match
Saturday 3rd October 19.45 Captains Meeting (Qualified Teams)
Sunday 4th –  Monday 5th October    Quarterfinals
Tuesday 6th –  Wednesday 7th October    Semifinals
Thursday 8th – Friday 9th – Saturday 10th October   Finals & PlayOff
Saturday 10th October 19.45 Prize-giving & Closing ceremony

 • Entries - Registration

Right of Entry

Zonal Qualified teams for all three championships (in addition to the Host Teams).

  • Zone 1 – 6 teams
  • Zone 2 – 3 teams
  • Zone 3 – 2 teams
  • Zone 4 – 2 teams
  • Zone 5 – 1 teams
  • Zone 6 - 3 teams
  • Zone 7 – 2 teams
  • Zone 8 – 2 teams

If any Zone does not fill its quota the first berth will be offered to Zone 1, the second to Zone 6.  Each participating member NBO must play against all other participating member NBOs.  Entry and subsequent refusal to play will result in disqualification.

To be eligible for participation in the 2015 World Teams Championships each player, non-playing captain, coach, trainer and other team official must comply with the WBF Laws and Rules & Regulations.  In addition the players and non-playing captains must comply with the conditions of eligibility set forth in the WBF Eligibility Code.


All entries must be made electonically via this website (not by email).

 • Entry Fees

Events Entry Fees
Bermuda Bowl/Venice Cup, d’Orsi Trophy $4,500
Transnational Teams $1,500

Players eliminated from the Round-Robin and Quarter-final of the Open, Women's or Senior Teams may form new Open teams and will receive free entry provided no players who have not participated in these events are added.

In the event that a team is made up from players who have not participated in the three main events, with players from these events added to the team, the charges will be as follows

Transnational Teams Entry Fees  
A team with four new players & one or two eliminated players:  $1,500
A team with three new players & up to three eliminated players:  $1,200
A team with two new players & up to four eliminated players:  $800
A team with one new player & up to five eliminated players:  $400

Payments should be made to:

Crédit Suisse SA,  Rue du Lion d’Or 5-7 , P.O. Box 5722,  1002 Lausanne, Switzerland

US dollar account

IBAN: CH31 0483 5154 6496 9200 1

Account n° : 0425-1546496-92-1


Clearing : 4835 (to be indicated)

If the bank requires the name and address of the recipient this is:

World Bridge Federation
Maison du Sport International
54 av. de Rhodanie
1007 Lausanne

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