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 • Stargard

Stargard Szczecinski (pop. 75,000) lies in the historic Pomerania province, in north-west Poland, 36 km south-east of Szczecin, 40 km from the Polish-German border and 170 km north-east of Berlin.

The town dates back to the 11th century. At the beginning, it enjoyed an era of prosperity as a member of Hansa, but in 1454 it got involved in commercial disputes with Szczecin and was totally burnt down. Under the Westfalian peace treaty it became part of the Branderburg district, and the town was slowly reconstructed despite the continuous passage of foreign troops. In the 19th century, the town flourished once again. During World War II, the city hosted Stalag IID, a prisoners of war camp. War operations resulted in 70% of Stargard Szczecinski being destroyed, including almost all of its monumental part (Starówka). The town was spectacularly rebuilt afterwards.

 • Venue - Transportation

The 2001 World Junior Pairs Championship will be played in Stargard Szczecinski’s City Sports Hall.

Free transportation will be provided to all participants from Berlin airports and Szczecin railway station (Thursday & Friday) and vice versa (Monday) for those giving advance notice. On Monday, free transportation will also be provided to the World Camp site.

To give information about your travel details, email the local organizers at: bridge.stargard@pro.onet.pl

 •  Accommodation

There are many accommodation facilities in Stargard Szczecinski, basically falling into two categories: hotels and hostels.

Rooms in the hotels have private facilities (WC, bath or shower) and will be available at SF 45 (Swiss francs) per person per night in a double room (SF 50 in a single room; SF 40 in 3-bedded rooms). The hostels offer rooms without private facilities at SF 35 per person per night in 3- or 4-bedded rooms. It should be understood that the distance of the various facilities from the Venue varies from a few hundred meters to 6 km.

Three meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be served to all participants. The cost of food is included in the above accommodation rates.


Room reservations should be made through

Hotel ‘INWIT’
Pierwszej Brygady st. 1,
PL-73 110 Stargard Szczecinski,

48-91-573 4024
48-91-573 2118


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