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No. : 12 • Friday, 2 November 2001

Bronze for Poland and USA II

From left: K.Martens, C.Balicki, M.Kwiecien, W.Siwiec (coach), J.Pszczola, A.Zmudzinski, R.Kielbasinski (President of PBU), M.Lesniewski
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Bronze for Poland and USA II 1
USA II vs Poland (BB) SemiFinal 5 2
Transnational Stories 3
Norway vs USA II (BB) Final 1 4
France vs Germany (VC) Final 2 5

The play-off matches for third place in the two major competitions saw Poland and USA II secure their place on the podium. Poland gained a small measure of revenge for their defeat in Maastricht by outscoring Italy 86-74.3 while USA II and Austria traded no less than 275 IMPs over the same 48 deals, the final score being 165-110.5.

Norway have stormed clear of USA II in the Bermuda Bowl. They have won all three sets to build up a commanding lead. There is plenty of time for their opponents to turn the match around, but they need a good start today.

In the all-European Venice Cup Final, the first not to involve an American team, France took full advantage of some early German errors to build up a commanding lead. However, their opponents won the last set and the match is far from over.

Five countries are represented in the semi-finals of the Transnational Teams, the French team Bureau, Israel's Grinberg, the American/Brazilian combination Brachman and Poland's Kowalski.

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