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No. : 11 • Thursday, 1 November 2001

Norway Survive Halloween Fright

Kojak practises the Anthems?
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Norway Survive Halloween Fright 1
France vs USA II (VC) SemiFinal 1 2
Hand Stories 3
USA II vs Poland (BB) SemiFinal 3 4
Austria vs Germany (VC) SemiFinal 3 5
Italy vs Norway (BB) SemiFinal 6 6

In Victor Mollo's classic Bridge in the Menagerie, Karapet the Unlucky was always wary of Walpurgis night - what we call Halloween (in case you haven't realised that was yesterday evening).


Was it the dark forces that are supposed to prevail on the night of 31 October that caused Italy to lose to Norway in what was surely one of the most dramatic matches in the history of the Bermuda Bowl? 46 IMPs behind with only eight boards remaining, Italy mounted a counterattack that saw them close to within 8 IMPs. They then missed a succession of chances to take the lead. When the last deal flashed up on to the screen, play had already finished at the other table and the Norwegian players were in the room. They had gone down in a game. A part score would see the match tied and mean extra boards. When the Italians bid the game the Norwegians were sure declarer would make his contract. Fate decreed otherwise, and it is Norway who meet USA II in the final.
The Americans withstood everything Poland tried and by reaching the final they ensured a place in history for Rose Meltzer, the first woman to reach the final in the modern era.

In the Venice Cup, it was Germany who prevailed against Austria to set up what should be a classic final against France.

In the Transnational Teams an exciting finish is in prospect. With only four rounds left before the knockout stages less than a match covers the first fourteen teams. The overnight lead is held by Ventin of Spain and Bureau of France.

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