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No. : 8 • Monday, 10 November 2003

Day of Reckoning at Hand


A night view of the Casino at Monte Carlo, which adds to the elegance and excitement of the 2003 World Bridge Championships.
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Day of Reckoning at Hand 1
High Hopes 2
Indonesia v USA1 - Senior Bowl Round 11 3
Streamroller 4
Appetizer 5
England v Sweden - Venice Cup Round 17 6

Like gunslingers with a date at the O.K. Corral, USA I and France will meet today in a Senior Bowl match that most likely will decide the championship. With one match to play, the Americans hold a lead of 7 Victory Points over second-place France and 11.5 VPs ahead of third-place USA II.

There are many scenarios for the final standings, but USA I is in the Senior Bowl driver’s seat. They will stay in first with a tie or a win by any margin. There are still chances for France, obviously, and to a lesser extent USA II. That team must have a big win over Israel today and a loss by USA I to have a chance.

The quarterfinal rounds of the Bermuda Bowl and Venice Cup conclude today and, based on standings at the end of play Monday, American teams will be playing each other in the semi-finals of both events, with Norway and Italy in a rematch of their Bermuda Bowl semi-final battle in Paris two years ago and China and the Netherlands squaring off in the Venice Cup.

That latter scenario could change, however. While most of the combatants in the quarters have solid leads, the Netherlands was only 15 IMPs ahead of defending Venice Cup champion Germany with 32 boards to play.

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