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No. : 6 • Saturday, 8 November 2003

once more, with feeling


WBF President Jose Damiani shows Sergei Bubka around the venue of the 2003 World Bridge Championships in Monte Carlo on Friday. Bubka, world record holder in the pole vault and a renowned Olympic athlete from Ukraine, is now a member of the IOC Executive Committee and is chairman of the organization’s Athletes Committee. Said Damiani: “We are pleased that he stopped by to wish us well and to salute bridge as a big sport.”
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There is but one day left for round-robin play in the Bermuda Bowl and Venice Cup, and time is running out for some of the hopefuls.

The key word, however, is hope – and that emotion is still running strong in several quarters.

With three rounds to go in both competitions, a handful of teams are hanging around the eighth and final qualifying spot, including USA II, whose woes continued on Friday with three losses and a tie. They have plummeted from second place to 12th, although they are still in contention, only 8 Victory Points out of eighth place.

The story of the day was Bulgaria’s sensational rise from 15th place to sixth with 88 out of a possible 100 VPs. Bulgaria was four for four, winning convincingly against New Zealand, Chinese Taipei, Indonesia and Bermuda.
Italy and USA I continue to set the pace in the Bermuda Bowl, as Italy held a 13-VP edge over the Americans. The two teams will face each other in round 21, possibly to determine the leader of the round-robin.

In the Venice Cup, Germany, the defending champions, finally came to life with two wins out of three, including a 53-5 thrashing of Australia. The Germans moved into seventh place after languishing out of the money for most of the round-robin. They must maintain their momentum, however, because Sweden and England are nipping at their heels.

The pace-setters in the Venice Cup are USA II, followed closely by China and the Netherlands, who won the championship in Bermuda in 2000. USA I is right behind them.

In the Senior Bowl, France regained the lead by 1 VP over USA I with victories over Australia and USA II, who ended the day in fourth place, right behind Israel.

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