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No. : 10   •   Tuesday, 5 September 2000

Five teams hoping
for Magic Spray!

With sixteen boards to go, three of the quarter-finals are one sided. Two of them are in the Open series, with Italy and USA having commanding leads over Brazil and Austria respectively.

In the Women's series, Germany are out of sight in their encounter with China.

Attention will focus on the other five matches, which are by no means decided. Having looked down and out at one point, Iceland have fought back tremendously against Poland, to keep their hopes alive. In their bridge mad country, you can be sure every card will be followed in today's final session.

England have been playing a blinder against the mighty Norwegians, and they only have to hold their nerve to reach the semi-finals.

In the Women's contest, the lead in the match between Canada and South Africa has already changed hands several times, and may do so again before the winner is known.

The USA and The Netherlands have been involved in some heavy exchanges, but at the moment the initiative is with the Americans. Chinese Taipei and Norway are also involved in a very close encounter.

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