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No. : 6   •   Friday, 1 September 2000

The Right Spirit

Better late than never - Poland and Tanzania get their match in Thursday evening while the other Open teams ate dinner

The spirit of the Olympiad was demonstrated in the Open Series yesterday.

Tanzania got their wires crossed, and thinking there was no match in the morning, failed to appear for their scheduled encounter with Poland. The Poles graciously gave up their free evening to play the match, and were rewarded by the bridge gods, who granted them a victory.

The race for a top four finish is very exciting in Groups A, B & D, but in Group C, there is al-most a full match between the fourth and fifth placed teams.

In the Women's contest, there is every indication that the battle for qualification will not be decided until the final day of the Round Robin.

USA still head the rankings in the Seniors event, but England are hot on their heels.

Italy & Austria continue to dominate the University Event.

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