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No. : 2   •   Monday, 28 August 2000

Down to Business

The playing field, MECC Centre

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England vs Japan 2

History of the
European University Championships


France vs
Czech Republic



After Saturday's dazzling opening ceremony it was time for the competitors and officials at the 11th Olympiad to see if all their hard work would bear fruit, and in the case of the former, they were probably hoping to conjure up some magic of their own at the table.


The sheer size of this event is already hard to comprehend - for example, when was the last time you attended a major championship that featured two VuGraph theatres?


After the first day's play pride of place in the Open series goes to the countries that have maximum scores of 50VPs after two matches, the new NBO of England, and the former World Champions Iceland. Naturally they lead their respective groups, and Switzerland and Australia are at the top of the other two.


In the Women's series they have played a match more, and the groups are headed by Austria and Greece.


In the Seniors event another new nation is making its mark, as Scotland lead the way, whilst China is showing that it has some keen students of the game as they sit on top of the University rankings.


If you are in need of Victory Points, cans of magic spray are available at the hospitality desk!


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