2nd International Olympic Committee Grand Prix
2nd International Olympic Committee Grand Prix

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Winners Italy, (from left to right): Buratti, Lanzarotti, Angelini, Lauria, Versace, Sementa
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Runners Up Brazil, (from left to right): Campos, Villas Boas, Branco, Chagas
Europe   North America
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Winners of Women's Event Europe, (from left to right): Bessis, Smith, D'Ovidio, van der Pas, Davies, Vriend, J. Auken (npc), von Arnim, S. Auken
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Runners Up of Women's Event North America, (from left to right): Quinn, Berkowitz, Palmer, Breed, Goldberg, Deas, Pollack, Sanders

The Grand Prix started on Monday 20 September 1999 with 6 countries participating in the Open Team event: Brazil, China, France, Italy, The Netherlands and USA.

There was also a Women's Contest in which a European Team comprising Auken-von Arnim (Germany), Bessis-d'Ovidio (France), Davies-Smith (Great Britain) and van der Pas-Vriend (The Netherlands) has faced the North American Team of Breed-Quinn, Goldberg-Pollack, Berkowitz-Sanders and Deas-Palmer.

After a 5-day battle the Olympic Grand Prix was concluded with the closing ceremony on Friday 24 September 1999 with the President of the IOC Juan Antonio Samaranch, and the Vice President Marc Hodler present.

Italy and Europe's women duly completed the victories that were on the cards the day before. Both our champions were in irresistible form, and they had to be in order to defeat such outstanding opponents as Brazil and North America. France won the play off for third place and that left China fourth.

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Daily Bulletins - Results

Open Series Women's Series
Monday 20 September Round 1
Tuesday 21 September Round 2
Round 3
Wednesday 22 September Round 4
Round 5, Crosstable
Thursday 23 September Semifinals Match 1, Match 2
Friday 24 September Final, Playoff Match 3, Match 4

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