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These are the championships in the WBF's four year cycle which take place in even num­bered years other than leap years - that is to say, in 1990, in 1994 and so on.

They consist of a series of championship and subsidiary events which have the World Open Pairs, the World Women Pairs, and the World Open Knockout Teams for the Rosenblum Cup as their centerpiece.

1990 saw the introduction of the World Senior Pairs, while, in 1994, the first World Women Knockout Teams (for the McConnell Cup) and the first World Senior Knockout Teams were played, run on similar lines to the Rosenblun Cup.

These Championships are now the biggest of all WBF Championships in terms of entries. They began, however, on a modest scale, simply as World Open Pairs and a corresponding Women's event with, in the early years, a Mixed event of one kind or another to round out the programme. Today, the programme includes team and pairs competitions in all cat­e­go­ries (open, women, seniors, mixed).

It should be noted that the World Mixed Teams Championship, contested at the same time as the World Pairs Olympiad in 1962 and 1974, was moved, as from 1996, to the site of the World Team Olympiad. (Click World Mixed Teams below for the first two events; click here for the subsequent events.)

McConnell Cup
2018 7 Orlando, U.S.A. BAKER 
2014 6 Sanya, China BAKER 
2010 5 Philadelphia, U.S.A. CHINA LADIES TEAM 
2006 4 Verona, Italy STEINER 
2002 3 Montreal, Canada SANBORN 
1998 2 Lille, France ERHART 
1994 1 Albuquerque, NM, U.S.A. LETIZIA 

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