Zonal Championships are organized regularly by the WBF Zones. Each Zone organises at least one each alternate year as the qualifying event for the World Bridge Team Championships (the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup and d'Orsi Seniors Bowl).

The number of teams from each Zone to qualify for the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup and d'Orsi Seniors Bowl are (in addition to the Host Teams) as follows:

Zone 1

6 teams

Zone 2

3 teams

Zone 3

2 teams

Zone 4

2 teams

Zone 5

1 teams

Zone 6

3 teams

Zone 7

2 teams

Zone 8

2 teams

If any Zone does not fill its quota the first berth will be offered to Zone 1, the second to Zone 6. Each participating member NBO must play against all other participating member NBOs. Entry and subsequent refusal to play will result in disqualification.

To be eligible for participation in the World Teams Championships each player, non-playing captain, coach, trainer and other team official must comply with the WBF Laws and Rules & Regulations. In addition the players and non-playing captains must comply with the conditions of eligibility set forth in the WBF Eligibility Code.