The Youth Awards were instituted by the World Bridge Federation in 1989 as part of their general effort for the development of Junior Bridge worldwide. The Awards aimed at rewarding aptitude, diligence and international spirit shown by participants at the Junior Camps. The winners did not receive any material prize, but earned the honour of enabling their countries to have a free and ex quota place in the next Junior Camp.

When the Awards were introduced in 1989, the President of the World Bridge Federation at the time, Denis Howard of Australia, said:
Dennis Howard


  ... The top players are not the WBF's only concern. Concern for the development of all young bridge players naturally finds its right place in our future plans. In this respect, it is fair to acknowledge the tremendous growth that Junior bridge has had in Europe. It was therefore fitting for the WBF to institute a new award which, unlike almost all other distinctions in the world of bridge, honours aptitude, diligence and friendly behaviour, rather than performance at the bridge table.


WBF Chairman Emeritus José Damiani of France who was then heading the European Bridge League noted:
Josè Damiani


   ... Among the many distinctions provided for those who shine in competition, these awards are certainly special. They are not made for bidding, play or defence, but for the spirit in which young people participate at Junior Camps. The Camps are not for the privileged but for the common mortals: young people with many interests, doubts and ambitions. When they arrive they have bridge as their common hobby; when they leave they know much more about other people's mentality and f l comfortable in an international environment. To be able to distinguish yourself in such a forum is most commendable.


All officials, participants, group leaders and members of the staff at a Camp could nominate participants to receive a WBF Award. There was no limit to the number of nominations one could make, but none could nominate anyone from his own country. The selection of the WBF Award winners was made by the Youth Committee and was announced at the Camp's closing ceremony. Afterwards, the National Federation of each awarded player was notified officially of the distinction, while the citations were published in the Zonal publications and posted on Internet.


The WBF Youth Awards were discontinued in 2007, together with the discontinuation of the World Junior Camps.