The World Bridge Games were formerly known as the World Teams Olympiad. The event became the World Bridge Games in 2008 when it was held as part of the World Mind Sport Games in Beijing and was again held as part of the Mind Sport Games in Lille in 2012. Following these two occasions it will now revert to being the World Bridge Games organised and run by the World Bridge Federation.

The World Bridge Games are held every four years, in the same year as the Summer Olympics (a leap year).

The event comprises Open, Women's and Senior Teams and Pairs Championships for National Teams with one team from each WBF Member Country being invited to participate in each of the three series.

NBOs may be represented by as many pairs as they wish to participate in the new Pairs Championships (i.e. there is no quota on the number of pairs).

The World Transnational Mixed Teams Championship used to be held during the second week, but this is now held during the World Bridge Series.