Bermuda Bowl/Venice Cup, d’Orsi Seniors Trophy US$ 4,500
World Transnational Open Teams  US$ 1,500

Entry fees for the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup & d'Orsi Seniors Trophy must be paid by bank transfer before 1st July 2015. Payments received after 15th July 2015 are subject to an automatic arrearage penalty of US$250 per team unless the NBO has made a separate arrangement with the WBF.

Players eliminated from the Round-Robin and Quarter-final of the Open, Women's or Senior Teams may form new transnational teams and will receive free entry provided no players who have not participated in these events are added.

In the event that a team is made up from players who have not participated in the three main events, with players from these events added to the team, the charges will be as follows

A team with four new players & one or two eliminated players:  US$ 1,500
A team with three new players & up to three eliminated players : US$ 1,200
A team with 2 new players & up to four eliminated players : US$ 800
A team with 1 new player & up to five eliminated players : US$ 400

Payment should be made to:

Crédit Suisse SA,  Rue du Lion d’Or 5-7 , P.O. Box 5722,  1002 Lausanne, Switzerland

US dollar account

IBAN: CH31 0483 5154 6496 9200 1

Account n° : 0425-1546496-92-1


Clearing : 4835 (to be indicated)

If the bank requires the name and address of the recipient this is:

World Bridge Federation
Maison du Sport International
54 av. de Rhodanie
1007 Lausanne