The links below will take you to the links for the convention cards systems that have been registered for the World Bridge Games.

Various factors have prevented me from registering all the systems as they came in, so although many may appear to have been registered extremely late, this is not the fault of the teams/pairs in question. However, I am now up to date, and the systems that I have received are uploaded, so you can click the links below to get to them. 

If I add new ones you will be able to see a revised date stamp, which means you can tell which ones have been added since you last downloaded them. When I have all the cards for one team, I will add a zip file for that country to make it easier for you to download.


Please CHECK YOUR OWN CARD AND THE CARDS FOR YOUR TEAM to make sure they are correct. Also please check with your team to ensure they have actually sent their cards if they do not appear here. At the same time please confirm with them that they have sent me their completed and signed Commitment form which MUST be registered with me if they are to play in the event. 

Links to the Convention Cards