As announced at the 2012 World Championships in Lille a Scoring Committee was set up by the WBF President in January 2012.

After careful analysis, the committee proposed — and the WBF Executive Committee accepted — the following (VP scale):

  1. The adoption of a 20-point victory point scale with the following features:
    1. The scales are continuous and given to two decimal places
    2. Subject to a cap, each IMP margin translates to a specific VP award
    3. Each additional IMP in the winner’s margin is worth no more than the previous one
    4. Relative to the current WBF VP scales, the “blitz” margins in the new scale will be approximately equivalent to the 25-2 in the old scales. There is no reduction of  VPs for the loser when the margin exceeds the blitz margin.
  2. The new scales correct perceived weaknesses and anomalies in the old scales
  3. It is recommended that the new scales be used in all future World Bridge Championship (including Youth tournaments) and are made available to all NBOs. NBOs are encouraged to adopt the new scales, although they are under no obligation to do so.
  4. Also, the Committee will prepare new “discrete” scales (whole numbers) to be used by NBOs if they wish to during the transition from the old to the new VP scales.

The new scales – both continuous and discrete can be downloaded by clicking here

Scorers, programmers and interested technical people can find complete details of the new scales in the Technical Report of the WBF Scoring Panel. Please direct all technical inquiries to Peter Buchen

The committee was chaired by Ernesto d’Orsi of Brazil and co-chaired by Max Bavin (UK). Other Committee members were Henry Bethe (USA) Bart Bramley (USA), Peter Buchen (Aus) and Maurizio Di Sacco (IT).  Henry Bethe and Bart Bramley are the designers of the system, which is used by the USBF in their trials.