This event will take place during the second week, starting at 10.00 hours on Monday 21st August.

The format will be Swiss teams, normally played as 10 board matches (5 per day) for 15 qualifying rounds (150 boards). The Quarter Final, Semi Final and Final will be played on Thursday 24th, Friday 25th and Saturday 26th August. The Play-off for 3rd place will be Saturday 26th August.

If one team resigns the right to play off for third place, it will automatically be placed in fourth place and will receive one-third of the Master Points awarded for that position, their opponents being declared bronze medallists.
If both teams decide, by mutual agreement, not to play off for the third place, there will be no bronze medal awarded in the competition, and each team will receive one third of the Master Points awarded to fourth place and no placement points.

The Quarter Finals

To determine the quarter-final matches, the procedure is the following: the first placed team freely chooses its quarter-final opponent from among the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th placed teams; after the choice has been made, the second placed team chooses its quarter-final opponent among the remaining three teams (not chosen by the first); the same process is repeated for the third placed team and the fourth placed team will play against the team not chosen by any of the other three teams.

The Semi Finals

The first placed team shall choose among the matches involving the second, third and fourth placed teams, which one will produce the semi-final opponent of the winner of its own quarter-final match. This choice is to be made at the conclusion of the quarter final draw (before the quarter finals start). Hence the semi-final draw is decided by the first placed team prior to the quarter final stage and remains applicable even if the first placed team then loses its quarter final match.

A tie in the Swiss teams at any given time will be resolved by ‘Swiss points’, these being the sum of the victory-point scores obtained by each and every direct opponent of any given team [example: team A has played against teams X, Y and Z. Team X has a VP score of 50, team Y has 40 and team Z has 30 – this gives team A a Swiss point score of 120. The team with the largest Swiss point score would win the tie-break].
If Swiss points are inconclusive, then the same procedures as for the Bermuda Bowl/Venice Cup will apply, save that criteria (a) and (b) are reversed [(b) becoming (a) and vice-versa – sections 19.1, 19.2 and 19.3.
In the knock-out phase if there is a tie at the end of the quarter-finals, semi-finals, or the finals no extra session of boards will be played and the team which won the Qualification Swiss Match will be declared the winner.
In the event of the head-to-head match being a tie or if there had been non head-to-head match, the higher ranked team at the end of the Qualification Swiss  will be declared the winner.

Drop in rules

Players from the eliminated teams in the Quarter-finals of the Open, Women and Seniors Championships may enter at round 11 of the World Open Teams Championships, in accordance with the following conditions:

  • New teams arising from the losing teams of the quarter-finals (Open, Women, Seniors) may 'drop into' round 11 of the Transnational Open Teams Championship, provided that at least four of the registered players have played at least 1/3 of all the boards available to them in the combined round-robin/QF phase; the NPC may be one of the four registered players.
  • Other players in the new teams (maximum of two) who do not comply with such conditions may also be included. If these are bona-fide NPCs /Players from the round-robin/QF stage, then there is no additional charge. Otherwise they will be charged for their participation in the Transnational Open Teams (see Section 26).
  • The 'drop in' teams will receive 120 Victory Points (10 matches x 12 VPs) and in Round 11 will be paired against the leading teams at that stage according to a random draw. Therefore, in this round only, the 'dropped in' teams cannot play against each other.
  • If, because of different numbers of entries or any other reason, the drop-in occurs in a round different to round 11 of the Transnational Open Teams, the number of Victory points mentioned in (3) above, will be adjusted accordingly.
  • In case of 120 Teams or more, the pairings for the Knock Out phase of the World Transnational Open Teams Championship will be decided on site when the number of teams and the qualification criteria is known; the information will be published in the Daily Bulletins.
Entry Fees

Players, NPCs and Coaches (provided their names have been registered by 10th July 2017) eliminated from the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup or d’Orsi Seniors Trophy may form new Open teams and will receive free entry provided no players who have not participated in these events are added.
In the event that a team is made up from players who have not participated in one of the three main events, with players from these events added to the team, the charges will be as follows :

A team with 4 new players & 1 or 2 eliminated players: € 1,350
A team with 3 new players & up to 3 eliminated players € 1,000
A team with 2 new players & up to 4 eliminated players  €   700
A team with 1 new player & up to 5 eliminated players €    350