Dramatic VICTORY of usa!

What an incredible final spectators were privileged to watch over the last two days of the 2005 World Youth Team Championship! Going into the last set of regulation time, USA trailed by 30 IMPs. Midway though that final set they were level and, though there were some minor swings to come, that was how it was when the 96th and final deal had been played. Eight extra boards were played to decide the destiny of the 2005 title. USA came out on top by
15-0, giving a final score of 209-194 IMPs.

Congratulations to the worthy champions, USA: Joe Grue, John Kranyak, Joel Wooldridge, John Hurd, Ari Greenberg, Justin Lall and NPC Bob Rosen. And both congratulations for their contribution to a magnificent final, and commiserations for coming so close only to fall just short of their goal, to the gallant silver medallists, POLAND: Konrad Araskiewicz, Krzysztof Buras, Jacek Kalita, Krzysztof Kotorowicz, Piotr Madry,Wojciech Strzemecki, NPC Marek Markowski, and team manager Leszek Nowak.

The bronze medal went to Canada who beat France in the playoff match for third place, 140-107.


The 10th World Youth Bridge Team Championship was held in Sydney, Australia’s principal city built in one of the world’s most attractive locations, from 7 to 17 August 2005. The venue, Sydney Showground Members Pavillion, was in Sydney Olympic Park where the Games were held in 2000. The Youth Committee thanked the Australian Bridge Federation for undertaking to host the event in such a celebrated venue, as well as David Stern and Peter Gill, the co-convenors, who worked hard for the success of the championship.

All Zones of the World Bridge Federation were invited to participate in this prestigious tournament. Zone 1 (Europe) could enter up to five teams; Zones 2 (North America) and 6 (Pacific Asia) three teams each; Zones 3 (South America) and 7 (South Pacific) two teams each; and Zones 4 (Asia & Middle East), 5 (Central America) and 8 (Africa) one team. Conditionally, a sixth team could be accepted from Zone 1 (Europe). Participating players were up to 26 years old.

The Championship consisted of a qualifying stage, semifinals, a final and a playoff for third place. The winners of the final were the new World Junior Champions; they received the Ortiz-Patiño Trophy and silver replicas for each player and the non-playing captain. Those failing to qualify were able to participate in a Swiss Pairs contest arranged exclusively for young people.

This was the tenth event of the series that was inaugurated in 1987 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. As a biennial competition, it was held in 1989 in Nottingham, Great Britain; in 1991 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA; in 1993 in Århus, Denmark; in 1995 in Bali, Indonesia; in 1997 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; in 1999 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, in 2001 in Mangaratiba, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and in 2003 in St.Cloud-Paris, France. The host country won the Championship on the first three occasions, but this tradition was broken in 1993 by Germany. In 1995, Great Britain became the first country to win the title twice. Denmark won the title in 1997, Italy in 1999. In 2001, USA became champions for the second time, and Italy followed suit in 2003.

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