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 • Format

The Championship consists of a qualifying stage, semifinals, a final and a playoff for third place.

The qualifier is a round robin where each team meets all other competing teams in matches of 16, 20, 24 or 32 boards, depending on the number of entries.

The four top teams will advance to the 64-board semifinals. The two semifinal winners will play in the 96-board final from which the new World Junior Champions will emerge; the losers will participate in a 64-board playoff to determine third place.

A special Swiss Pairs tournament will be arranged for those failing to qualify. Any other Junior player may also participate in this event, which proved so popular on previous occasions. No nationality restrictions will be imposed on the composition of the competing pairs.

 • Programme

The Championship will start on Sunday 7 August 2005 with the Opening Ceremony at 17.00 hrs. The Captains’ Meeting will have taken place one hour earlier (16.00 hrs). The first match is planned to be played on Monday morning at 10.00 hrs (but teams should be prepared to play it on Sunday night, if necessary), and the qualifying stage will continue until Sunday 14 August, with free times for sightseeing, etc.

The semifinals are to take place on Monday 15 August, the day the Swiss Pairs begin. The final starts on Tuesday, together with the playoff for third place. The Swiss Pairs and the playoff will be concluded on this day, while the final will continue until Wednesday afternoon.

The Championship will end with the Victory Banquet on the evening of Wednesday 17 August 2005. Departure is on Thursday, after breakfast.

Teams that need visas to enter Australia are invited to apply to the appropriate Australian embassy/consulate on time. Do NOT leave applications to the last minute!

 • Conditions of Entry

The Championship is open to all Zones of the World Bridge Federation. Zone 1 may enter up to five teams; Zones 2 & 6 up to three teams each; Zones 3 & 7 up to two teams each; and Zones 4, 5 & 8 one team each. At the discretion of the Youth Committee, Zone 1 may be allowed a sixth team, provided the total number of teams does not exceed 18. Each team consists of 4-6 players, a non-playing captain and, possibly, other officials.

  Age limit

All players must have been born on or after 1 January 1979.

Participation is by invitation only. When applying, NBOs are required to submit, for consideration by the WBF Credentials Committee, the full name of each team member (player, captain, etc.), as well as the exact date of birth of each player. Upon arrival, captains will be requested to present the passports of their players for verification of age eligibility.


The Entry Fee to the tournament is US $500 per team, payable by July 15, 2005. No additional fee will be charged for participation in the Swiss Pairs.

All Zones are requested to announce their representative teams by April 30, 2005. The Conditions of Contest will be sent to participating NBOs immediately afterwards. The names of the players must be submitted by June 30, 2005.

For detailed information click here.

Teams must submit details of their composition, as follows:

• Name, sex & function of each team official (npc, coach, etc.)
• Name, sex & exact date of birth of each player (minimum 4, maximum 6 players per team)

Click here for the relevant form to be filled out by June 30, 2005 (available after April 10)


All systems of bidding and card play must comply with the WBF Systems Policy. The championship is a category 3 event; therefore HUM systems and brown sticker conventions may not be used. Each pair is required to complete an official Convention Card and lodge it with the Appeals Committee by July 15, 2005.

For detailed information click here.


The winners of the Championship will receive the Ortiz-Patiņo Trophy, to be kept for two years, and also silver replicas for each player and the non-playing captain. Souvenir gifts will be given to the first three teams.

Prizes and souvenir gifts will be given to the leading competitors of the Swiss Pairs.

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 • Conditions Of Contest

10th World Youth Team Championship's conditions of contest

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 30-210-861 3740


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