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No. : 15 • Saturday evening, 12 September 2009

USA Recaptures Bermuda Bowl

Zimmermann Wins Transnational


Bermuda Bowl winners: Zia Mahmood, Bob Hamman, Eric Rodwell,
coach Eric Kokish, Jeff Meckstroth, npc Donna Compton,
Nick Nickell and Ralph Katz.

WBF President Josť Damiani, second from left, with the World Transnational Open Teams champions: Adam Zmudzinski, Geir Helgemo, Pierre Zimmerman, Cezary Balicki, Tor Helness and Franck Multon.
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USA Recaptures Bermuda Bowl
Zimmermann Wins Transnational
WBF Presidentís Closing Speech 2
Closing Speech by Ernesto D'Orsi 3
England - Poland (D'Orsi Seniors Bowl Finals 1-3) 4
China Long Zhu - USA1 (Venice Cup Final 4) 5
Italy - USA2 (Bermuda Bowl Final 7) 6
Italy - USA2 (Bermuda Bowl Final 5) 7
Italy - USA2 (Bermuda Bowl Final 6) 8
The Old Routine 9

The team captained by Nick Nickell stormed back from a 57-1 shellacking in the second set against Italy, built a big lead then turned back every challenge by their opponents to win the most coveted prize in bridge the Bermuda Bowl. The final score was 285.33-249.

Even after winning the penultimate set 54-26, Italy needed a big showing over the final 16 deals to take back the title they have won so many times over the years. Italy made some gains against the Americans, but the set ended virtually even, 28-24 to Italy.

The victorious USA2 squad includes two first-time winners: Zia Mahmood and Ralph Katz. Nick Nickell, Bob Hamman, Jeff Meckstroth and Eric Rodwell all have multiple wins in the event, including four times as teammates.

The silver medallists are Alfredo Versace, Lorenzo Lauria, Fulvio Fantoni, Claudio Nunes, Antonio Sementa and Giorgio Duboin.

In the World Transnational Open Teams, the team captained by Pierre Zimmermann gained 3 IMPs on the last deal to win a tightly fought match with Apreo Logistic Poland by the final score of 95.5-93.

Zimmermann trailed after the first of three sets 34-32.5, but they won the next one 36-29 and rallied on the final deal for the victory.

Zimmermann was playing with Franck Multon, Adam Zmudzinski, Cezary Balicki, Geir Helgemo and Tor Helness. The runners-up at Piotr Gawrys, Krzyszto Kotorowicz, Jacek Kalita, Krzysztof Buras and Jacek Psczcola.

Third place in the event went to Team Deutschland: Alexander Smirnov, Michael Gromoeller, Josef Piekarek and Andreas Kirmse.



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