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No. : 12 • Thursday, 10 September 2009

Withdrawal Symptoms


This is the Ponte Estaiada Bridge, the image you have seen on the
World Championship programme and elsewhere, including the
printed hand records. The bridge, also known as
Octavio Frias de Oliveira, spans the Tietê River.
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Withdrawal Symptoms 1
England - Indonesia (D'Orsi Seniors Bowl Semifinal 2) 2
China Long Zhu - France (Venice Cup Semifinal 3) 3
Poland - USA2 (D'Orsi Seniors Bowl Semifinal 3) 4
USA2 - China Long Zhu (Bermuda Bowl Semifinals 2, 3) 5
England - Indonesia (D'Orsi Seniors Bowl Semifinal 4) 6

On the day that the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup and DíOrsi Seniors Bowl came down to the final six teams, half of the matches in the six semi-finals were abbreviated by withdrawals, one with two sets to play.

Once again, it will be Italy and the Nick Nickell squad (USA2) in the Bermuda Bowl final, both getting off early when their opponents resigned after five sets, each facing nearly hopeless odds.

Italy led Bulgaria 237-132 when the latter surrendered. The Americans had a 224-123 lead over China Long Zhu when the match was ended. Italy and the Nickell squad will meet for the third time since 2003, the Americans winning in Monte Carlo in 2003, and Italy gaining revenge in Estoril two years later.

In the Venice Cup, USA2 pulled out of the event after four sets, down 179-80 against USA1. The Americans will face China Long Zhu in the final. Despite losing five of six sets against France, China prevailed 245-221.33 thanks to a 76-23 fifth set.

Neither team in the Seniors got off early, England defeating Indonesia in a match that was close most of the way. England prevailed 204.5-182. In the final, they will face Poland, who vanquished USA2 273-236. USA2 led 161-138 with 32 deals to play, but Poland outscored them 135-75 over the final two sets to make it to the championship round.

In the World Transnational Open Teams, the team led by Pierre Zimmerman continued to lead after 12 rounds of the Swiss qualifying. Zimmermanís 241 victory points were 20 ahead of second place, Apreo Logistic Poland. Deutschland was third with 207, followed by Brazil and Japan, both with 205. The Swiss concludes today with three matches, followed by the quarter-finals.

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