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No. : 9 • Monday, 7 September 2009

Slugging it out


A big tournament cannot go on without tournament directors. Here are the TDs working at the World Championships in Sao Paulo: Gustavo Chediak, Matt Smith, Chief TD Max Bavin, Antonio Riccardi, Rui Marques, Bertrand Gignoux and Jeanne Meiracker.
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Slugging it out 1
Germany - Denmark (Venice Cup Round 18) 2
Argentina - Netherlands (Bermuda Bowl Round 19) 3
USA2 - Russia (Bermuda Bowl Round 21) 4
France - Italy (Venice Cup Quarterfinal 1) 5
Don't Ask Sweden About Queen-Jack Doubleton 6
The head-to-head matches began on Sunday in the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup and D’Orsi Seniors Bowl. Halfway through the quarter-final round, there were a couple of surprises.

Most noteworthy was the huge deficit the Bermuda Bowl defenders, Norway, faced after 48 boards against China Long Zhu. Norway started with a carryover of 2.5 IMPs, which disappeared in the opening set, won by China 44-30. The next two sets went to China in a cumulative 81-22, leaving Norway on the short end of a 125-55 score.

In the Seniors Bowl, Poland used an 81-15 second set to storm out to a 161-79 lead against Sweden.

In their Bermuda Bowl match against Russia, Italy trailed almost the entire match until board 13 of the final set, when they took the lead for the first time. Italy ended the set up 110-101.

Also in the Bermuda Bowl, USA2 appeared to be in control against the Netherlands, but the Dutch won the third set 44-11 to reach the halfway point down only 101-98.

In the Venice Cup, Sweden seemed to carry the momentum from their smashing 77-1 final round robin set to the match against China Long Zhu, winning the opener 63-16. China came roaring back, however, and won the next two sets 80-18, giving them a 112-81 lead.

In the Seniors Bowl, England, the top qualifier, played virtually even throughout the day with Egypt, England winning 112-109 to lead by 15 including their carryover.

In the all-American seniors match between USA1 and USA2, the latter won the first two sets by a combined 89-57 to lead 99-57 including carryover, but USA1 gained 22 IMPs in the third set to close the gap to 20.

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