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No. : 7 • Saturday, 5 September 2009

Bumps In The Road


These five women make up the Championship Local Operations,
who were praised by Ernesto d’Orsi as essential to the success of the World Championships. They are Andrea Junqueira, Daisy Kenedi,
Germana D'Orsi, Fernanda Joanitti and Cláudia Cavalcanti.
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Bumps In The Road 1
Italy - Norway (Bermuda Bowl Round 10) 2
Germany - Italy (Venice Cup Round 15) 3
Sweden - Egypt (Venice Cup Round 14) 4
Double Dummy Dilemma 5
From Bridge Base Online 6
With one day’s play left, the story of the week-long round robin qualifying might be boiled down to a combination of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum and the “best-laid schemes of mice and men.”

It’s fair to say most of the teams in the Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup and D’Orsi Seniors Bowl at the very least harboured dreams of getting to the knockout stages of their respective competitions, and most of the favored teams are in position to achieve their goals.

Some have fallen short, however, and the most glaring example is USA1 in the Bermuda Bowl. The winners of the American team trials are languishing in 17th place with only three matches to play and have no chance to make the KO phase.

In the Venice Cup, Sweden, expected to contend for the title, ended the sixth day of qualifying on the outside looking in but they at least still have a chance.

Seniors Bowl competitors surprisingly not in the top eight with one day left to play are Japan, who won in Beijing; Turkey, who won the Senior teams in the European Championships last year, and Canada, who sent another strong team to Sao Paulo.

The race to the finish line should be exciting.

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