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No. : 5 • Tuesday, 3 September 2009

Europe Comes On Strong


If you have wondered about some of the trump splits or diabolical
layouts of the hands at this tournament, at least now you know
where they came from - the duplication team. They will produce tens
of thousands of hands before the World Championships conclude.
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Europe Comes On Strong 1
Poland - USA1 (D'Orsi Seniors Bowl) 2
Norway - Netherlands (Bermuda Bowl Round 8) 3
China Long Zhu - Pakistan (Venice Cup Round 10) 4
USA2 - Bulgaria (Bermuda Bowl Round 8) 5

European teams are showing their prowess as the round robin stages of all three events enter the second half of the qualifying matches.

That is especially true in the Bermuda Bowl, where six of the top nine teams come from Europe. Perennial contenders Italy and the defending champions from Norway stand at the top, separated by only 3 victory points.

In the Venice Cup, six of the top 10 teams come from Europe, the top qualifier so far being France. Threatening to disrupt the European dominance are China Long Zhu, leading after 12 rounds, and USA1. The other American team, USA2, is in fourth place with nine matches to go.

In the D’Orsi Seniors Bowl, England continues to dominate, standing 16.5 VPs ahead of second place despite losing their first match (to Belgium) in round 11. Belgium is second entering play today.

Round robin play concludes on Saturday, with the quarterfinal rounds in each competition beginning on Sunday.

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