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No. : 3 • Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Eight - The Magic Number


These three women were spotted at the Hostess Desk at the Hotel Transamerica, greeting players and greatly improving the scenery.
They are Juliana Macieira, Carolina Diniz and Matilde Confalonier.
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Eight - The Magic Number 1
Morocco - Bulgaria (Bermuda Bowl Round 2) 2
Round 3 Slams 3
USA1 - USA2 (Bermuda Bowl Round 3) 4
Japan - China Long Zhu (Venice Cup Round 4) 5
Canada - England (D'Orsi SENIORS BOWL Round 5) 6

The three events of the World Bridge Championships are in full swing now after six matches in the qualifying phase, and the teams are still tightly bunched at the top. No team so far seems likely to run away from the field and the top eight in each group is the target of all.

The round robin phase three 16-board matches per day concludes on Saturday, and the quarterfinals in all three major championships begin the following day.

USA1 in the Venice Cup has the largest lead of any group leader, and they are only 6.5 victory points ahead of China Long Zhu and France, tied for second.

In the Bermuda Bowl, Norway has a 5-VP lead over Bulgaria, followed closely by the Netherlands. Rounding out the top five are Italy and USA2.

In the D’Orsi Seniors Bowl, England is ahead of second-place Egypt by 4 VPs, with Poland and USA2 just 1VP behind.

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