1st World Youth Congress Page 2 Bulletin 10 - Sunday Evening 23 August 2009

Closing speech from the WBF President

Dear Gianarrigo, Dear Fahir, Dear Ata, Dear all,

Today is a happy day for me as all together and especially you, the young players, we won a new challenge. Indeed, we can consider that this first World Youth Bridge Congress was a success as it gathered people from the eight Zones of the WBF which was the purpose of the “Congress,” to meet each other, to know better each other, to understand better each other to make true our motto: “Bridge for Peace.”

A success also with the numbers which allowed the organisation of the Swiss with 40 teams and the Board-a-match which followed, and the Pairs with 94 and the IMP in such a way that you practice every kind of bridge games. But the most important success is what you told me: you were enjoying very much the event. If that is the case, this is due to the dedication of some people, who take care of you through the organisation in this beautiful Yeditepe University which was put at our disposal by his founder Bedrettin Dalan and its Vice-President Prof. Sedefhan Oguz whom I thank very warmly.

We all together will also thank the Turkish Bridge Federation and its President, Mr Fahir Uzümcü who welcomed us in the marvellous city of Istanbul. But nothing would have happened without the energy of my great friend Mr Ata Aydin, Chairman of the WBF Youth Committee. Thank You, Ata, thank you so much to have conducted such an orchestra with all the teams of workers and assistants among whom I will cite Maurizio Di Sacco, the General Manager, my dear Sevinç Atay, Murat Molva, Levent Ozgül, Dimitri Ballas and his team of Directors: Pierre Collaros, Eitan Levy and Rahmi Iyilikçi, Terry Collier for the duplication and his machines, Jos Jacobs and Marjo Chorus for the Bulletin with George Hatzidakis and Akis Kanaris, Manolo Eminenti for the scoring and Geronimo Duccio the IT Manager as well as all the others whose names are maybe not written here but certainly not forgotten in my heart.

If we are going to congratulate the winners and the medallists now, it’s indeed all of you whom we want to applaud. I have no doubt that you are coming back home with a nice souvenir and will encourage all your friends to play bridge and participate in such an event.

Have a nice trip back and see you soon around the world!

José Damiani, WBF President


WBF Youth Committee Chairman Farewell

Dear Young Friends and Colleagues,

Now that we have reached the end of yet another successful organization, it has been a great pleasure and honor for me to have welcomed you here in this wonderful city of Istanbul.

Leaving aside the excitement at the bridge table, I do hope that you all had a great time during the Championship, and we hope we have been able to show the traditional Turkish hospitality to each and every one of you.

Although this is the introduction edition of the World Youth Congress, we were pleased to receive participation from 29 different countries of the world coming from countries as far as New Zealand, Costa Rica, Argentina, Venezuela and Japan. I have no doubt that the popularity and attendance for this wonderful transnational event will increase in the future.

We are thankful to the Yeditepe University for providing an excellent venue for the Championship, with nice accommodation and food facilities, playing halls and spacious administrative areas for the Organization Staff.

I would like to extend my warm thanks and gratitude to the WBF President José DAMIANI, and the EBL President Gianarrigo RONA who honoured us with their presence in Istanbul.

My special thanks are due to Murat MOLVA, Member of the WBF Youth Committee and to the EBL Executive Committee Member, my colleague, Sevinç ATAY who dealt with all details of the Organization with meticulous dedication.

Many thanks to the WBF staff, who worked with great enthusiasm in the Championship, consisting of:

Maurizio DI SACCO, who conducted the Championship in true maestro fashion, taking care of each and every detail to ensure smooth running of the Championship; and his assistant The On-Site Organizer Levent ÖZGÜL, who effectively co-ordinated the links between various departments of the Championship.

The Tournament directors headed by the Chief TD Dimitris BALLAS and his crew consisting of Pierre COLLAROS, Eitan LEVY and Rahmi IYILIKÇI who worked tirelessly without even taking a day-off to sort out all problems at the table with such efficiency that there was no need for the Appeals Committee to convene ! This might well be a first in a World event.

Thanks are due to the Turkish Bridge Federation, President Fahir ÜZÜMCÜ and his crew of administrative staff, hospitality people, duplicators, BBO operators, and caddies.

But above all, I would like to thank you, my dear young friends, to have played in a friendly atmosphere with great competitive spirit, harmony and fair play. The future of the sport of bridge relies on you. I wish you all a safe journey back home, and I look forward to meeting you again in the future events.

Farewell, and “güle güle”.

Ata AYDIN WBF Youth Committee Chairman

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