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No. : 10 • Sunday Evening, 23 August 2009

More Gold for Czechs & Gold for the Dutch

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More Gold for Czechs & Gold for the Dutch 1
Closing speech 2
MP Pairs Final, fourth session 3
IMP Pairs Final, fourth session 4
The winners join in for a picknick in the woods    

Congratulations to Marion Michielsen and Tim Verbeek of the Netherlands on winning the World Junior MP Pairs Championship by an incredible margin. Not only did they win the final session by a mile but their overall margin was 5.5 % on the runners-up so Verbeek was absolutely right when he said, shortly after the end of the match, that only one pair was entitled to win this event.

The finish of the World IMP Pairs Championship, on the other hand, was very close, due mainly to a few scoring errors that had to be corrected first before the Czechs Magdalena Ticha and Frantisek Kralik could be declared World Champions here.

Congratulations to all medal winners. The final result of the MP Pairs reminds us of Tiger Woods who once won the Masters by 12 shots a margin comparable to Michielsen’s and Verbeek’s margin.

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