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No. : 9 • Saturday, 22 August 2009

Indian-Russian IMP Final leaders stay firm

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Indian-Russian IMP Final leaders stay firm 1
The Pairs’ Final, session 3 2

After another 52 exhausting boards, Marion Michielsen and Tim Verbeek from The Netherlands have taken over the lead in the MP Pairs final. They did so already in the morning session and steadily held on to it in the afternoon. They are 1.86% clear of the Polish runners-up, another mixed pair: Justyna Zmuda and Adam Krysa. Friday night’s leaders Lhuissier and Lebatteux drop to 3rd but they too are still very much in the hunt. As they are 1% ahead of the fourth-ranked pair, it would be a surprise if none of these first three pairs would be crowned the new World Champion tonight.
In the IMP Pairs final, the Indian-Russian overnight leaders had a mixed day. They started off not so well but fully recovered in the afternoon to regain their lead. For them too, 28 to go.

The proud new leaders of the MP Pairs Final showing each other the results    

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