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No. : 8 • Saturday, 22 August 2009

The French are leading the final countdown

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The French are leading the final countdown 1
MP Pairs qualification, 3rd session 2
The Pairs Final, session 1 3

Yesterday, the qualification sessions came to an end and the Finals got underway. After the first session, a French pair, Lhuissier-Lebatteux, have taken the lead by scoring over 62%. A fine performance by them but there are three more exhausting sessions to come: two today and the grand final tomorrow. Elsewhere in the catacombs, the IMP Pairs also got underway. In that format, Agarwal-Bayakhchev, an Indian-Russian combination, are leading the field, already by a considerable margin but here too, we will be only halfway when the afternoon session starts at 15.00 hrs.

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