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No. : 5 • Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Italy, Japan & Czech Republic in the final

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Italy, Japan & Czech Republic in the final 1
The Quarterfinals, first half 2
The Quarterfinals, second half 3
The Semifinals, first half 4
Mixed impressions by the Dutch kibitzer 5
The Semifinals, second half 6
Japanese and Czech players after they made it to the top of the hill
Yesterday was a sensational day. How often has it happened that two knock-out matches out of a total of 6 in a day were decided by 1 IMP? Still, this is what happened here. Firstly, Greecoura had to surrender to USA Blue by the smallest of (regular) margins in the quarterfinals. Late in the day, only by about 20.30, it turned out that the same fate had struck Netherlands Red who lost to Japan Czech by the same margin. So itís Italy Red v. Japan Czech today over 48 boards. Good luck and all the best to both teams and letís hope itís at least not going into that nail-biting extra-time.

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