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No. : 4 • Tuesday, 18 August 2009


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Nine (!) countries in the quarterfinals 1
Swiss Teams Round 9 2
Swiss Teams Round 10 3
Swiss Teams Round 11 4
Swiss Teams Round 12 5
Swiss Teams Round 13 6
Lunch, dinner, breakfast, any time is good for discussing the boards
The first three teams on the overnight leaderboard easily keep their positions, as expected. USA Blue stay on top, of course, but Japan-Czech and Netherlands Red change positions between them (for the records only). Poland and Greecoura also reach the post in time but the other three overnight top teams have to give way to Noname (Turkey), Italy Red and France. The latter team started the day losing 6-24 but a strong run of three successive 25’s comfortably saw them through, the team finishing 4th in the end. Good luck to all qualifiers in today’s knockout matches.

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