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No. : 3 • Monday, 17 August 2009

America's Lead goes further up

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America's Lead goes further up 1
Swiss Teams Round 4 2
Swiss Teams Round 5 3
Swiss Teams Round 6 4
Swiss Teams Round 7 5a
Swiss Teams Round 8 5b
“Everyone is entitled to my opinion” (Madonna)
The battle for 1st place is not looking very interesting now but the seven other berths are heavily contended. Only 12 V.P. separate the 11 teams nearest to the USA Blues. Japan- Czech and some Dutch teams are leading the hunt but Poles, Greeks and Australians are eager to take over from them. But why should the wise men of 42 not be able to reach the Swiss galaxy or the local Yalinkiran team not be able to break the snake (thatís what their name means)? Even the teams ranked 13-16 are still in with a serious chance as there are five more rounds to play today.

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