1st World Youth Congress Page 2 Bulletin 2 - Sunday 16 August 2009

SWISS Teams, Round 1

Team 42 v. Netherlands Red - Italy v. Venezuela

by Jos Jacobs

Most of the more spectacular hands of this set were pushes in both these matches so in this small report, I will concentrate on some of the other deals.

In the Italy v. Venezuela match, the Europeans led 5-0 when their opponents missed a slam:

Board: 5. Dlr: North/NS
 ♠ A K 8 5 3 2
J 9
♣ K J 4 2

♠ 6
Q 2
K Q 10 6 4
♣ A 9 7 6 3
Bridge deal
♠ 7
9 8 7 6 4 3
8 7 5 2
♣ 10 5
 ♠ Q J 10 9 4
K J 10 5
A 3
♣ Q 8

Open Room

OjedaDi FrancoMilanoManno
Pass6♠All pass  

* any GF

The Italians had no trouble at all once 3NT by North launched a series of cuebids. Having denied club control, South could make a general slam try of 4NT when 4 implied a club control. Italy +1430.

Closed Room

All pass    

For Venezuela, reaching the slam may depend on the agreements. If 4 can be any splinter, it is more difficult for South to assess the values of her hand, though one wonders what North would have (in that case) to justify his 4 bid. Anyway, 13 IMPs were lost when South contented herself with 5♠. The next board was very interesting as two of our declarers went down in what looked like a makeable 4♠:

Board: 6. Dlr: East/EW
 ♠ Q J 3
Q 5 4
♣ A K J 10 9 7

♠ K 7 6 2
10 9 7 3
J 7 6
♣ 6 4
Bridge deal
♠ 5
K Q 5 4 2
A 10 3 2
♣ Q 8 5
 ♠ A 10 9 8 4
A J 6
K 9 8
♣ 3 2

Open Room
OjedaDi FrancoMilanoManno
3*4♠All pass  

* weak

For Italy, Manno took an interesting line. He won the heart lead, ruffed a heart, led a diamond to the king and ruffed his last heart. Next came the ♠Q on which he played the ace…followed by the ♠10 which West won with his king, only to continue a heart… Now declarer could ruff, draw trumps and cash his top clubs for 10 tricks. Mind you, he even had an endplay on East available for the overtrick as East is squeezed down to his three clubs and thus the blank A. Italy a lucky escape, +420.

Closed Room

34♠All pass  

Play was the same here but West did continue a diamond. East won two tricks in the suit and continued the 13th diamond for a trump promotion. Italy +50 and 10 IMPs.

In the Netherlands Red v. Team 42 match, Danny Molenaar was also declaring 4♠ on a heart lead. His line was a club to the jack and queen at trick 2. When East returned A and another, it looked as if he was home but he won the queen in dummy and next led the ♠Q to the ace and a low spade back. When West ducked this, communications were gone. One down, Team 42 +50.

Siderov, at the other table, won the heart lead, ruffed a heart and led a diamond from dummy. Drijver now went up with the ace and returned a trump. This meant all the defence could get more, was their one trump trick. Team 42 thus scored another +450 and 11 IMPs.

In the Girls’match (Turkey v. Netherlands), Marjo Chorus reports, both Souths were in 4♠ as well after EW had bid and raised hearts. On a heart lead, the Turkish declarer won the ace and ruffed a heart. Next came the ♠Q which held (well done, West!) followed by the ♠J on which East showed out. One down as declarer now has to lose a spade, a heart and two diamonds.

In the other room, the Dutch declarer was given a chance when she received a club lead but, naturally enough, she took this as a singleton. ♣A, A, heart ruffed with the jack, diamond to the king and the last heart ruffed with the queen followed by a spade to the eight in hand. However, West can win and play a club now, locking declarer in dummy and thus forcing the trump promotion defence we saw earlier. At the table, West continued a heart so South could ruff, draw trumps and come to ten tricks.

Any suggestions for the best line?

Jos Jacobs continues his report now:

Board: 7. Dlr: South/All
 ♠ 10 6
K J 7 6 4
♣ 9 8 5 4

♠ 9
K 7 6 5 4
Q 10 9 8 3
♣ K J
Bridge deal
♠ Q J 5 3
A 10 8 3
A 5 2
♣ Q 6
 ♠ A K 8 7 4 2
9 2

♣ A 10 7 3 2

Open Room
OjedaDi FrancoMilanoManno
3Pass3All pass

* forcing

Three Diamonds was explained as a transfer overcall so the Venezuelans reached the proper strain. Game is a little against the odds so +170 looked a fair enough result for them and so it proved…

Closed Room

All pass    

No wild adventures here by EW so a quiet 11 tricks for Venezuela for another +150 and 8 IMPs back. In the Netherlands Red v. Team 42 match, there also was a swing on this board:

Open Room

All pass    

The technically correct approach of “false preference” backfired when South jumped straight to game which had no play, not even on the actual diamond lead. Declarer can never reach dummy to discard a heart in time…the heart return by West after winning her club trick being automatic. Down two, Netherlands Red +200.

Closed Room

All pass    

The limited opening jump rebid worked to perfection here as NS landed in the proper contract in just three bids. Another +130 to the Reds and 8 IMPs back.

On the final board of the match, the Dutch converted a sizeable defeat into a small victory:

Board: 10. Dlr: East/All
 ♠ A 3
Q J 10
♣ K J 10 8 4 2

♠ Q J 10 7 6
9 5
6 4 2
♣ 9 6 3
Bridge deal
♠ K 4 2
8 7 6 2
J 9 8 5
♣ Q 5
 ♠ 9 8 5
A K 4 3
K 10 7 3
♣ A 7

Open Room

Pass3NTAll pass  

When NS did not fully exploit the values of their combined hands, the good slam was quickly missed. Team 42 thus scored +690 when 12 tricks came in on a spade lead, ducked once.

Closed Room

All pass    

In the Closed Room, Danny Molenaar upgraded his hand and decided to open a (14-)15-17 NT. This worked very well once he could accept the transfer to clubs. Netherlands Red +1390 and 12 IMPs back to go just ahead by 3 IMPs for a 16-14 win.

In the Italy v. Venezuela match, the final score became 36-8 to Italy, which converted to 23-7 VPs.

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