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No. : 2 • Sunday, 16 August 2009

AMERICA Leads the Way

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AMERICA Leads the Way 1
Swiss Teams, Round 1 2
Gırls... they wanna have fun 3
Short but effective 4
Round Robin Teams, Round 2 5
Did you know Bridge is an exciting game for spectators too?
After the first three rounds, the USA Blue Team is proudly leading the field, already 5 V.P. clear of the current runnersup, Netherlands Red. Among the top ten, three more Dutch teams can be found but we also see teams from Egypt, Turkey and Scotland as well as some transnational squads. The margins between all these teams are small, as can be expected, with so many more rounds to be played. France did not enjoy the good day many of us were expecting but they too, like the others, have all the time in the world to recover today, hopefully an equally enjoyable Sunday.

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