For all World Championship events with the exception of the World Bridge Series, pre-registration of systems via internet is a requirement and full details of how this is to be done will be published in the Supplemental Conditions of Contest for the event.

Submission of systems may be made by emailing the original files to Anna Gudge, the Systems Administrator. A PDF of the card may also be sent, but the players should note that this can cause problems with the suit symbols which may appear as [ ] { } - not helpful to the opponents trying to study the card. If you do convert your file to PDF please check on a different computer that doesn't have the special fonts installed to ensure that they are embedded correctly.

Please note that image files are NOT acceptable. Some programs offer the facility to save the file as a bitmap or JPG. Please do not do this, send the original files created by the the program (Lee Edwards program is a case in point). And make sure you include all the relevant files - for example Lee Edwards Program creates two files for each card and it is necessary to send both. The CCE creates a separate text (.txt) file for the notes and this must be sent in addition to the .ccf file.

If using the Word or Excel templates, players should ensure a) that the format of a double-sided document is followed, with cross referenced supplementary sheets included if additional clarification and information is needed; b) that the margins permit the whole document to be printed -i.e. that the information is not cut off by a printer.

Brown Sticker Conventions

If a pair is playing a Brown Sticker Convention (normally only permitted for the Knock Out phase of the Bermuda Bowl and Venice Cup), a second convention card for that phase must be submitted AT THE SAME TIME as the card for the Round Robin Phase together with the relevant forms.  See Brown Sticker Forms

HUM Systems

If a HUM System is to be played, a separate card, with adequate supplementary sheets, together with the complete System File, in English, must be registered at the same time as the card for the Round Robin phase.  See HUM Systems