The World Bridge Federation is affiliated with other sports organizations, notably the:

International Olympic Committee.   The IOC admitted the World Bridge Federation in June 1995 as part of the Olympic Movement, awarding it the status of a Recognized Sport Organization.

World Anti-Doping Agency.   With IOC recognition, the WBF follows the regulations laid down by the World Anti-Doping Agency in order to control doping within Bridge.

The World Bridge Federation is also a member of the:

SportAccord.   SportAccord is the umbrella organization for all (Olympic and non-Olympic) international sports federations as well as organizers of multi-sports games and sport-related international associations.

Association of the IOC Recognized International Sports Federations.   ARISF is one of the pillars to the Olympic Movement, with all of its 32 Member International Sports Federations committed to respect and foster the values and principles set forth in the Olympic Charter.

International Mind Sports Association.   IMSA was established to gather different mind sports federations to pursue common aims and interests, to organize the World Mind Sports Games under the aegis of the General Association of International Sport Federations and further realize the inclusion of mind sports in the Olympic movement.

International University Sports Federations.   FISU was developed within university institutions to propagate sports values and promote sports practice in perfect synergy and complementary with the university spirit.




Affiliated Sports Organizations


International Olympic Committee (IOC)

World Anti-Doping Association (WADA)

International Mind Sports Association


Association of IOC Recognized Sports Federations (ARISF)

International University Sports Federation (FISU)=