17th World Youth Team Championships

Wujiang, China • 8 - 18 August 2018


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Countries Series
Junior Teams Youngsters Teams Girls Teams Kids Teams
Zone 1 - European Bridge League
Bulgaria Bulgaria      
Denmark Denmark      
England England
Finland Finland      
France France
Germany Germany    
Greece Greece      
Hungary Hungary      
Israel Israel  
Italy Italy    
Netherlands Netherlands  
Norway Norway  
Poland Poland
Sweden Sweden  
Turkey Turkey    
Zone 2 - American Contract Bridge League
Canada Canada  
U.S.A. USA 1
U.S.A. USA 2      
Zone 3 - Confederacion Sudamericana de Bridge
Brazil BRAZIL      
Chile CHILE  
Colombia COLOMBIA      
Zone 4 - Bridge Federation of Asia & the Middle East
India India  
Zone 5 - Central American & Caribbean Bridge Federation
No participants from this zone
Zone 6 - Asia Pacific Bridge Federation
China China
China China 2      
China China 3      
China Hong Kong China Hong Kong  
Chinese Taipei Chinese Taipei
Indonesia Indonesia    
Japan Japan      
Singapore Singapore    
Thailand Thailand    
Zone 7 - South Pacific Bridge Federation
Australia Australia      
New Zealand New Zealand      
Zone 8 - African Bridge Federation
Botswana Botswana  
Egypt Egypt      

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