U26 Open PAIRS
Entries received from Italy so far
 # Pair
1 GAIOTTI Alvaro (Italy) ITAGTR048 GIUBILO Gabriele (Italy) ITAGBL050
2 GALLO Francesco (Italy) ITAGLC033 MARINI Valerio (Italy) ITAMRR810
3 DONATI Giovanni (Italy) ITADNN006 SCATA Sebastiano (Italy) ITASCN421
4 COTTONE Marco Giuseppe (Italy) ITA&501346 DRAGHI Luca (Italy) ITADRC096
5 FRESA Vincenzo Beniamino (Italy) ITAFRN145 LOPREVITE Andrea (Italy) ITALPR069
Entries from ITALY so far: 10 players in 5 pairs

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