First of all, check to see if you are listed in the WBF Database by clicking here

Type your surname or any part of your surname into the box asking for Family name (for example, if your name is Gudge, you could type gu or even dge or the whole name and it will find you). Then click Find Persons (you do not need to enter the country). If you are registered your name will appear on the list of people with the same or similar names. If you are not registered then you need to click here to download the registration form, complete it and email it either to the address on the form or to - an acknowledgement will be sent to you when the registration has been done.

Once you are registered, you need to send us a photograph of yourself in JPG format as we will need that for the badges. Please make sure it is a good quality (at least 500k), head and shoulders picture and email it to Please rename the picture with your own name (firstname-lastname) and if you are planning to play in the transnational teams, please include the name of your team in the email, even if it has not yet been registered.

You will also need to download the Players' Commitment form - see the link on the right of this page - complete and sign it, scan it and send it to - please make sure you include your own name and the name of your team in the email.


You need to be sure that all members of your team have been registered in the WBF database in this way. Then you can proceed to the registration of your team by clicking this link.

First go to the registration page for the Transnational teams by clicking here 

Enter the name of your team and click the Proceed button

For each player in your team you can type any part of their surname - for example if you are looking for Gudge you could type the whole name or gu or dge and you would find it. You ONLY need to do that, you do not need to put in the country or the NBO Member Code as this will appear alongside your name once the system has found the list of people with the same or a similar name to yours. Once you see the list, you can select the correct player and continue to add all the members of the team (up to six) then you can either finalise the entry or add a Captain and, if you wish, a Coach. If your Captain is a player then just add him or her as Captain. 

Once you click to finalise the entry, you will see the list of players you have selected.

If the players Gender doesn’t show, you will need to tick the relevant box for M or F, and if the box under Date of Birth is a white, empty box then you will need to fill that in. It would be helpful if you do find that you need to add the gender or date of birth if you could email this information to, giving the first and last name of the player and the country so that it can be amended in the main database.

If the Date of Birth shows as a grey box with **/**/**** then that means the date of birth is registered and you do not need to worry.

Now you need to put your first and last (family) names in the form under Submitted by and enter your email address. Please do this carefully as we may need to contact you. Then click the button to submit your entry. You will receive an automatic email confirming your entry and giving you a confirmation code. You should keep this safely so that if you need to make any changes to the team you can do so


Once you have registered your team, you need to ensure that a photograph (good quality, head and shoulders in JPG format) of each team member is sent by email to Gildana Caputo at for your badge, and a completed and signed copy of the Players' Commitment which can be downloaded from the menu on the right is scanned and emailed to

Please also note that once you have registered your team you are responsible for making the payment of the entry fee and of course for booking your hotel accommodation etc.

We very much look forward to welcoming you to the 2015 World Transnational Open Teams in Chennai.