Measures of Protection and the Process the WBF will undertake following an Unethical Behaviour Report:

Those who seek to make use of the facility need to be aware of the following matters before making an Unethical Behaviour Report:


Your identity will not be disclosed to persons beyond those responsible for investigating your report, without your express consent.  Members of the HLPC have covenanted that they will not disclose any details of matters referred to them via the HLPC Express Line to anyone outside of the panel other than as may be required by a Court Of Law.


Any person submitting a report may request that their details remain anonymous and such request will be respected by the WBF. However, those reporting are encouraged to permit disclosure of personal information to enable appropriate follow up and ensure that evidence can be gathered in an admissible form for the purposes of disciplinary action being taken.


The WBF will take appropriate measures to ensure protection from any harassment, retaliation, or adverse employment consequences of individuals who use this HLPC Express Line on reasonable grounds and in good faith to report an integrity breach. Any person who retaliates against a whistleblower will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action. The WBF will provide protection against any unjustified treatment in the form of providing confidential advice to whistleblowers so long as there is an honest and reasonable belief of wrongdoing; no protection will be provided for those who knowingly or maliciously make a false disclosure of information. Protection will extend to disclosures made anonymously, if the person reporting is later identified.

The WBF HLPC will receive Unethical Behaviour Reports made via the HLPC Express Line.  It will make an initial review of the report and decide if further investigation is warranted.  Such initial decision will be based on whether the report has been made on reasonable grounds and in good faith.


If the WBF HLPC has deemed an investigation necessary, such investigation may be conducted by the WBF Prosecutor or competent national and zonal authorities, to which the HLPC will then forward all related and relevant documentation.

If the reported case, by itself and alone, does not amount to reprehensible behaviour and a further investigation has been deemed not necessary, the WBF HLPC will ask the WBF Prosecutor to archive the case, giving notice to the reporter.

If the reported case has been deemed abundantly groundless, the WBF HLPC will advise the WBF Prosecutor to reject it, again giving notice to the reporter.

The WBF will only investigate matters within its competent jurisdiction; it may contact the reporter for further information where necessary.

If the WBF is not competent to investigate the matter, the complaint will be destroyed and the reporter notified accordingly.

Disciplinary Archive

A Disciplinary Archive will be created and all received reports, excluding those cases that are abundantly groundless, will be logged against the name of the person complained of.

The Archive will be strictly confidential, and will be under the responsibility and control of the Secretariat of the WBF Disciplinary Organs and can be consulted only by the WBF Prosecutor and his Assistants, the WBF Tribunal, the members of the HLPC during their investigatory functions, the WBF President and the Chairman of the WBF Credential Committee.

Disciplinary Procedures

All Disciplinary Procedures that follow from any investigation by the HLPC or otherwise are regulated by and subject to the WBF Disciplinary Code as approved by the Executive Council of the WBF.